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English 1301 (ENG 1301)

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The Classical Argument. Adapted from Walter Beale, Real Writing, 2 nd edition, One of the oldest organizing devices in rhetoric is the classical argument, which incorporates the five parts of a discourse that ancient teachers of rhetoric believed were necessary for persuasion, especially when the audience included a mixture of reactions from favorable to hostile.

Aug 24,  · This video is a review of the material learned in for Professor Benson's writing course. Learn how to write a thesis, how to organize your paper, and ho. English The Textbooks. There are desk copies available for you in the main office.

Writing About Writing. The Guide to Writing at Texas A&M University- Commerce-- this text should be used by students in both ENG and as a supplement to all other course materials. All the guides you'll need for English in one place!

1301 eng
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