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MFA in Writing and Literature (Writing Seminars)

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Benjamin Anastas

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Joanne Proulx's debut novel Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet won Canada’s Sunburst Award for Fantastic Fiction and was named a best debut by The Globe and Mail and Kirkus Reviews.A feature film adaptation of the novel is scheduled for release in A graduate of the Bennington Writing Seminars, Joanne lives, writes and teaches in Ottawa, Canada.

powered by. Connect. Update Your Info; Regional Events; Davis Alumni House; Bennington Gear. In she edited Seven Writers, a chapbook of writing inspired by exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, where until recently she served as Editor-at-Large. She received her M.F.A.

from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is a member of the Core Faculty in Fiction at the Bennington Writing Seminars M.F.A. program. She earned her MFA from Bennington Writing Seminars in and is the recipient of an Artist Fellowship, Poetry, from Arts Council Silicon Valley.

She is the author of These Metallic Days. BENNINGTON RECOMMENDS is a weekly series in which we ask members of our distinguished faculty to recommend a creative work. It may be a novel, poem, essay, memoir or collection. Short or long. He has taught at Columbia University and is a member of the Core Faculty at the Bennington Writing Seminars.

Anastas was a visiting faculty member for the academic year and then joined the Bennington faculty in fall

Bennington writing seminars
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