Mystery object writing assignment

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Mystery Object Project (visualizing, descriptive writing, inferring)

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Allow students time to work this step. This writing assignment is half a mystery story. You will create the characters, establish the setting, and reveal the mystery to be solved.

The half you’ll leave out is the solution to the mystery. Specific skills applied during the mystery organism/object activity include questioning, predicting, interpreting information, observing and recording observations, and critical thinking.

In the second phase, students complete language arts tasks that relate to the mystery organism/object at a writing center. My students have enjoyed every step of the process of working on their mystery object sharing project. I sent it home as a review assignment for descriptive writing, but it can be done in class as well.

One day Mr Daniels comes in with a few boxes each containing a mysterious object. The group sets to finding out what it is inside each box.

To everybody´s surprise, even Ally´s, she guesses correctly, and Mr Daniels acknowledges her success in public.

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Murder Mystery Assignment: Paper 2 (replaces 5 journals) The Victim, Dr. Mary Adams, was found murdered on Sunday. Her colleagues, Leah Hampton and Catherine Carter, found the body about 9 AM Monday in front of the bell tower. November 21, testeditor Leave a Comment on Lab Assignment Writing: No Longer a Mystery It might also be less rewarding.

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Mystery object writing assignment
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Narrative Writing Prompt: Half a Mystery