Write a c program to set a particular bit in a given number

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C program to set nth bit of a number

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C program to set nth bit of a number

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C program to toggle or invert nth bit of a number

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Multiplication: Finding the Greatest Product

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Write an Efficient C Program to Reverse Bits of a Number; Count inversions in an array | Set 3 (Using BIT) How to turn off a particular bit in a number? Difficulty Level: Rookie.

Given a number n and a value k, turn of the k’th bit in n. Number of elements less than or equal to a given number in a given subarray | Set 2 (Including. Output: n = 16, Position 5 n = 12, Invalid number n =Position 8. Following is another method for this problem.

The idea is to one by one right shift the set bit of given number ‘n’ until ‘n’ becomes 0. From a set of 1 through 9 playing cards, I draw five cards and get cards showing 8, 4, 2, 7, and 5. I ask my 6th graders to make a 3-digit number and a 2-digit number that would yield the greatest product.

For example to have you need to set the first bit to 1, and shift it with the > operators 5 times.

Setting a bit

if you want to continue writing you just continue to set the first bit and shift it. it's very much like an old typewriter: you write, and shift the paper.

Write a c program to set a particular bit in a given number
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Multiplication: Finding the Greatest Product