Writing apparmor profiles

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AppArmor security profiles for Docker

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Several distributions enable the module by default, such as Ubuntu and SUSE, and many others provide optional support.

Implementing Mandatory Access Control with SELinux or AppArmor in Linux

However, at the time of this writing, a bug in AppArmor actually prevents properly transitioning from the sanitized helper to other existing profiles via the Pix rules, instead always using inherited execution. Ironically, once this bug is fixed, chaining multiple weaknesses to achieve unconfined code execution will be a possibility.

We will make use of apparmor-profiles since writing our own profiles is out of the scope of the LFCS certification. However, since profiles are plain text files, you can view them and study them in preparation to create your own profiles in the future.

AppArmor’s utilities can monitor a program’s execution and help you create a profile. Before creating your own profile for an application, you may want to check the apparmor-profiles package in Ubuntu’s repositories to see if a profile for the application you want to confine already exists. I've been writing some AppArmor profiles and with each new profile I encounter more advanced rules that I haven't seen before.

In this case I'm creating profile for PulseAudio. I also had a profil. Resources for writing profiles. The syntax for file globbing in AppArmor is a bit different than some other globbing implementations.

It is highly suggested you take a look at some of the below resources with regard to AppArmor profile syntax.

Writing apparmor profiles
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